Staffing Agency’s Role in 21st Century Job Market
Michelle Cestaric, PHR, SHRM- CP, Workforce Investment Board Member

46% of all companies use a staffing agency to fill their employment needs! Staffing Agencies are an important resource for job seekers

Temporary staffing has been a long time solution for employers who have peaks and valleys in their business model, allowing them to increase and decrease staffing volumes based on the flows of their business volumes. Other times, it is simply covering for vacations or extended leaves of absence. However, companies have evolved to use this resource in a different way. More and more employers are engaging staffing agencies to fill their full time positions needs.

In recent years, companies are doing more with less. Many organizations have limited resources for filling their jobs, and this has created an additional need that a staffing agency has filled. They do this by using either a temp to hire model, or by using recruiters to fill their full time positions in a “direct hire” capacity. Employers like the opportunity to try someone out in a temporary role before hiring them. It is an opportunity to see if the person is a fit for the job, and an opportunity for the job seeker to “test drive” the job to see if it’s a fit for them. Whether we are helping you test drive a new job, or simply helping you get in front of the hiring authority for a full time position, a staffing agency can play a major role in your job search.

Once you have engaged an agency to help in your search, here are some tips to improve your odds for success.

  • Employers are seeking people with a good work ethic, positive attitude and a high level of engagement.
  • Prepare a well written resume. The employer is looking for some basic information; work experience, education and related skills or certifications.
  • Not all positions require a resume, but you should put the same effort into an application as a resume for the same reason; initial impression to the potential employer.
  • Spelling and grammar count! You may think the job has nothing to do with these things, but an employer sees this as a reflection of your attention to detail and thoughtfulness.

The next opportunity you have to impress the employer is during the interview.

  • Know what position you are applying for. Google the company, and know what they do. This shows your level of interest and helps you to create your story about why you are a fit for the position.
  • No matter what the position you are applying for, dress for success. A neat and clean appearance is paramount! Employers think that if you look sloppy, your work is sloppy. Not all jobs require a suit and tie for an interview, but they all require nice presentation.
  • Other soft skills like good eye contact, firm hand shake and smiling go a very long way.
  • Your staffing agency is a resource that can help with many of these things. Ask them to look at your resume to see if it can be improved. Typically they are close to the customer (aka hiring company), and will be able to share some insight into what that employer is looking for.

In closing, whether it is a temporary assignment that gets your foot in the door, or a direct hire opportunity, staffing agencies are tremendous resources for job seekers.

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